Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who manages/maintains the Muslim Cemetery?

    The Muslim Cemetery is managed and maintained by the Cemetery Committee of the Islamic  Association of Raleigh (IAR). The cemetery is a 12 acre land located in Wendell NC approximately 25 miles north-east of Raleigh.

  2. Who should be contacted to make arrangements for burial at the IAR Muslim Cemetery (IAR-MC)?

    The family of the deceased should contact the Cemetery Committee.  The IAR Cemetery Committee rotates contact persons on a monthly basis. Please call (919) 834 9572 x336 for this month's contact person. You can also reach the contact person at the following cellphones (919) 961 2595, (919) 961 2597, (919) 413 9757.

  3. Do I have to fill out any paperwork?

    Yes, you MUST fill out a burial registration form which is available in the IAR office. This will help ensure that all rites are performed in a proper and timely manner. The registration form is also designed to help keep burial records. The Wake County Cemetery Commission and the State of North Carolina mandate us to keep a log.

  4. How is the body recovered from the hospital?

    When the body is released from the hospital, the funeral home should be authorized by the family to recover it and transport it to the funeral home.

  5. Where should the body be washed?

    The body should be washed according to the Islamic rites at the funeral home and then transported to the IAR masjid for funeral prayers (Salatul Janazah).

  6. Are there any recommended funeral homes?

    The IAR Cemetery Committee has the latest list of funeral homes on contract. Please call the committee for details. Funeral homes charge only the agreed price.

    The IAR Cemetery Committee has arrangements with several funeral homes in Raleigh, Cary and Durham to provide special services such as space for bathing and preparing the body. You may choose another funeral home and you must assume full responsibility of the process followed during the services.

  7. Who pays the funeral home?

    The family of the deceased is solely responsible for all the charges associated with the funeral home. The funeral home expects to be paid in full on the day the services are rendered.

  8. What is needed to prepare the body for burial?

    The burial kit consists of the following: 
    White Sheets (3-4 twin-sized sheets)
    Rose Water (1 bottle)
    Kafur (crushed mothballs)

    Insha-allah, the IAR Cemetery Committee will have these items in stock and can be purchased at cost price. Please contact IAR Cemetery Committee for details.

  9. Where do I arrange for funeral prayers (Salatul Janazah)?

    The Salatul Janazah can be performed at the Islamic Center of Raleigh masjid. If the body is brought to the masjid before Dhuhr prayers (which are performed  at 1:35 PM), the Salatul Janazah will be held after regular Dhuhr prayers. This will allow sufficient time for the body to be buried before Maghrib prayers (sunset).

  10. Are the grave sites in the cemetery designated? Who will dig the grave?

    The IAR Cemetery committee maintains a master plan for the cemetery layout. Currently, Mr Bobby Driver is the designated grave digger and only the IAR Cemetery Committee is authorized to contact him. The chairperson of the IAR Cemetery Commitee will make the necessary arrangements and provide authorization to the grave digger. IAR Cemetery Committee authorization is necessary and the grave digger will not proceed without it. The grave will be dug in the designated location according to the master plan. We do not allow reservations of grave lots.

  11. How do I pay for the grave digging?

    The full payment of the services provided by the grave digger is sole responsibility of the family of the deceased. Full payments are to be made on the day the services are rendered.

  12. What is the approximate cost of burial?

    The approximate cost of burial is around $3,000.

  13. How do mark the grave?

    The IAR Cemetery Committee has established a standard size for the grave marker. Minimum information needed is name of the deceased, date of birth and date of death.

  14. Can I pay the IAR to handle all the expenses?

    No, payment should be made directly to the provider of service. IAR will not assume responsibility for payment on your behalf.

  15. How can I contribute/donate to the IAR Cemetery Committee?

    Donations are gratefully appreciated. Please send or give your donations to the Islamic Association of Raleigh. In the memo section write "IAR Cemetery Committee Donation". Please send your checks to Islamic Association of Raleigh, 3020 Ligon St, Raleigh NC 27607.