In Case of Death

The IAR has no funeral home nor has a full-time funeral director on payroll. The IAR Cemetery Committee is a volunteer organization to fulfill the obligation of burial of the deceased muslims in our community. 

Please call the IAR Cemetery Committee at (919) 834 9572 x336 and follow the instructions. Please note the number is not manned 24/7. It is very important that you follow the instructions and allow up to 2 hours for response from the committee.  

The IAR Committee strives to respond as quickly as possible. However response may take longer during normal business hours when the volunteers are at work. To decrease our response time and increase the chance of getting hold of one of the volunteers, the IAR Cemetery committee has 3 cell phone number listed below. 

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions before contacting the IAR Cemetery Committee. For more details about the Islamic rituals of funerals please read Imam Baianonie's article on our website.

Steps to take in case of death:

  1. Contact IAR Cemetery Committee.
  2. Fill in the burial registration form available at the Islamic Center of Raleigh.
  3. Make arrangements with a funeral home.
  4. Recover the body from the hospital or home.
  5. Wash the body and prepare for burial at the funeral home.
  6. Cemetery Committee will arrange for digging the grave site.
  7. Plan the funeral procession.
  8. Offer funeral prayers (Salatul Janazah).
  9. Bury the dead.
  10. The multi-purpose hall in the Islamic Center of Raleigh can be reserved to accept condolences.


IAR Cemetery Committee rotates contact persons on a monthly basis. Please call (919) 834 9572 x336 to find this month's contact person. The cellphone numbers for the IAR Cemetery Committee volunteers are:
  • (919) 961 2595
  • (919) 961 2597
  • (919) 413 9757

Funeral Homes:

IAR Cemetery Committee has a the latest list of funeral homes on contract. Please call the IAR Cemetery Committee for details. Funeral homes charge only the agreed price.

The services offered by the funeral home includes the following:
  • Transfer body from hospital to the funeral home, funeral home to masjid, and masjid to cemetery
  • Use of bathing room facilities
  • Preparing the body including kafan
  • Casket
  • Use of visiting room
  • Funeral van/car rental for the whole day

Approximate Cost:

 Service Cost
 Grave site FREE
 Washing the body FREE
 Burial kit, Wood, Grave Marker $400
 Funeral Home Services* $1,200 - $2,000
 TOTAL COST $2050 - $2850

The costs may change in the future.